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I got up, ate some cheese and crackers, sipped some green tea and took another 50mg of benadryl--no need to repeate the predinisone. The itching and hives are 97% gone although I reacted wierdly and threw up in my sleep--risky but I didn't inhale it just had to clean it up. Now I know why Macrobid was on my list of drug allergies years ago. I'll call and leave a msg and get the bastard to call him some Cipro 500mg. Sheeh. Slept most of the day away....
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Larry Kirby and I were joking about Being Southern Filkers...and exactly what constitutes proof that our Northern Born Friends have converted to our culture. LITMUS TEST # 1: Will they do COKE N' PEANUTS???

No lie--this is DAMN GOOD. Take a bottle of Coke--glass if you can get it--or a grape soda (Nehi if you can find it). Drink a big swallow. Open a packet of ordinary Tom's Peanuts. Make a funnel with your hand and pour some in. Drink Coke and get peanuts in your mouth, Chew and swallow and repeat. If you can do this without vomiting, YOU ARE SOUTHERN.

Found this on YouTube---obviously, this is a YANKEE girl....let's watch...

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Until I can get it in a form YouTube will tolerate, this will have to do
This is the first half of the concert that includes the songs "Female Action Heroes" "Erica Neely" "King of Dreams", "Skies of Benden" "The Undead Monkey Song", "The Thoughts of El Gato" and possibly a few others.
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Yep, it IS before 7am. Yeah, I AM that diciplined a writer:

Now I’m dead-it’s not so bad for me
No manicures--don’t wax my thighs
Still breaks my heart how they react to me
They scream for help--they run and hide---

But I am beautiful, in spite of my decay
Worms can’t bring me downnnn
Hair is fallin’ out--my flesh is green and grey
But Worms can’t bring me down--noooo--
I gotta eat some brains todayyy

No longer care if my sandals match
A bag by Coach or from Vuitton--
A shotgun blast blew my face in half
So you can’t tell--if I have lipstick on…

But I am Beautiful in spite of my decay
Worms can’t bring me down
Hair is falling out--my flesh is green and grey
But worms can’t bring me down--noooo
I gotta eat some brains today

No matter where you run
No matter where you hide
I’m going to hunt you down
And claw my way inside

Your blood will splash the ground
Screams will fill the night
I’ll chow down on your head
Like a can of Pringles Light--

But I am beautiful in spite of my decay
Hair is falling out--my skin is green and grey
I’m gonna eat your brains….todayyyyyyyy…..
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--for writing a Zombie Chistina Aguliera song???

I am beautiful--in spite of my decay--yes WORMS CAN'T BRING ME DOWNNN.....

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I did not get a gorram bit o' packing done last night--too farkin' tired. Too farkin' tired NOW,..but gotta do it.  I have to haul my own bed to the cons--not enough space for me but my Coleman Double High Single is soooo damned confortable! With my body pillow and my treasured Edo Blanket that goes to every con--and the Magic Kitty Bell, DA CORN from [ profile] fullmetalrose  and my Ed/Al totems for my music stands, all  need is to get the geek bag and snacks packed...remembered the sodding bananas this time--need the potassium! Thinking about bringing MediCom Edo....wish I could secure him to my music stand....wish Morpheus could come too.

Anyhoo...may pop back in a bit later---but will hopefully be outta here before 5pm to get to Larry's before leaving at o'god o'clock to hit the road in the mornng....
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You HAVE to hear this song. I LOVE Romanovsky and Phillips....
"If WE can't get married/ YOU can't get divorced!....."

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For the record--

The Title of Chapter 3 has been changed to "No Easy Answers". The line where Roy suggests that both Ed and Winry are victims has been removed and a small edit was made. I was called to task privately by a professional that works with abuse victims--remember, I was only a survivor/peer counselor for the Coalition to Assist Abused Persons. This person was very angry over the title and Roy's suggestion that the person who does the injury is a victim too. Hopefully my edit will clarify this so no one else misinterprets what I was trying to convey. I have changed every single posting of the story and formally apologised to this person. Rather than go back and repost it on my own LJ I am posting this apology and disclaimer since this is not widely read by this LJ.

Again, if a badly turned phrase or title implied something I did not intend, I apologize.
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I've been feeling ill and in a good bit of pain lately. In fact, quite a lot of pain. Long story short--a kidney infection so bad it requires TWO antibiotics. Since I can't see Dr K after work I had to get in line at 7:45 am and wait for the doors to open for a chance to get in early. And Dr. Wang the Incompetent was there. The one who told me "you have a pulled muscle" when I had THREE kidney stones last year.

He gave me attitude. His nurse was a CUNT, not a description I use often. I had to DEMAND certain tests be run. He tried to rush me out. I raised hell and demanded he run the goddamn test. BINGO. Second strain of bactiera found.

Fortunately--there is a very fine doctor right down the street from my office. It is open until 8pm--I get off at 6:30--seven days a week---and he is on the list for our HMO. I will see them Monday and discuss transfering my care to Dr. Gibbs instead---one of my friends goes there and loves him. Dr K has been my doctor for five years--I trust her, and she's wonderful--but if I can't be under her care...they can shove Dr. Wang's wang up his wingwang.
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I don't have the name of what it is--but here's what his text told me:
It is most likely benign---but it has to come out---and he's had it since before he was born. It is apparently something extremely rare--the doctor who will do the surgery actually TEACHES about these tumors at Johns Hopkins. Basically, skin cells wound up inside his brain--a malformation during fetal development, just like I have some Endometrial tissue inside my bladder and possibly my kidneys. That it has grown to such a large size is alarming--BUT  he is in the hands of one of the world's authority on this time of brain turmor. They are going to wait about 2 months before going in--they want to monitor it for growth. I'll know more when we talk tonight...I had already been told that it was a very rare type of tumor and that's why they brought in the third doctor. There are risks. Serious ones. But it's easier to face the devil you know than the devil in the dark.
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Okay--texted Brother....tomorrow they are not going to operate. He will report at 12:30 for a consult with yet ANOTHER neurosurgeon...and at that time they will discuss "treatment plan". As in take it out,  leave it in, biopsy, gamma knife....whathaveyou.  They will probably let him go home. He has given his word to call me tomorrow or text and let me know where we stand....or if we are any the wiser.

Spent the evening in deep rehearsal--first ever performance of "Hero With The Thousand Faces (Edward's Song)" and with the help of the capo on the classical guitar we worked out a gorgeous two part harmony on "Soul Within The Steel"--and "Hard Drive's Gonna Fall", which lets me rip loose on my blues vocals and is a lot of fun to sing. My throat is really tired so i think we'll take a rest day tomorrow,

Deeply touched and gratified by the comments on "Hero" and "Soul"--those are my thank you gifts to Ed and Al for all they have been to me all these years--just as "Tinderbox" and "What You Need" belong to Roy and Maes, and "Sins of the Father" belongs to Hohenheim.

Now....I'm wanting to write a Grell Sutcliffe song.....possibly set to the Beatles "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"...But getting the part about the chainsaw in the chorus is gonna be a bit tricky....
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THIS is for my beloved friends on this LJ....this is for YOU.


By Linda Walsh, 2010

(ttto “McDonald On The Hill”)


The seed that births the Hero isn’t nurtured in the womb

A drop of ink ignites a life in a writer’s lonely room

He’s born of someone’s fancy—someone just like you or I

But their dream contains a spark that will not die


A feather-stroke of sumi ink upon a page of white

A pencil sketch on legal pad—a young man springs to life

A manga stall in Tokyo—a bookshop in Detroit

We will gather there to read of his exploits



He bears a thousand faces and a hundred million names

A scribble or a keystroke and his life begins again

No single bard or artist takes the credit for his birth

For the Hero’s tale is older than the Earth….


A tattered book is cherished as it’s passed from hand to hand

The young man quest retold in countless tongues and foreign lands

It changes in the telling as his tale becomes our own

In the landscape of our dreams he makes his home


At multiplex and IMAX the adventure will unfold

The profits are astounding from a franchise bought and sold

His figure sells on Ebay—I cannot afford the cost

And along the way beloved tales get lost….



He bears a thousand faces and a hundred million names

A scribble or a keystroke and his life begins again

No single bard or artist takes the credit for his birth

For the Hero’s tale is older than the Earth….


It’s sequel after sequel—milk a franchise half to death

When we squeeze each drop of profit we are squeezing out the breath

Of a young man on Adventure’s Road—his triumps and his pain

But within our home-spun tales he breathes again


The Realm of Dreams contains a room unseen by waking eyes

Where the songs and art and fanfics scorned as cannon-less and lies

Have been bound with love and tender care on a billion star-lit shelves

Where in joy the Hero reads about himself



He bears a thousand faces and a hundred million names

A scribble or a keystroke and his life begins again

No single bard or artist takes the credit for his birth

For the Hero’s tale is older than the Earth….


You’d think the book that starts his shelf ought to bear the name of one

Who has sold the book—who owns the rights—when all is said and done

But their empires are inspired by the hero’s tales of yore

And though the names and lands have changed, they will endure


Is it Harry Potter’s magic---or the Elric’s alchemy?

They are dreams that weave the Hero’s bones—the mythic’s tapestry

From painted cave to Blu-ray, ‘cross a thousand stars and seas—

His enduring tale’s his immortality

His enduring tale’s his  immortality…..

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Okay....for the MORBIDLY CURIOUS....
Here at long last is the Alphonse song, "Soul Within The Steel"--WITH THIS WARNING!!!
This is as RAW as it gets. It was transposed three @#$%ing times in different keys.  I am half dead and my voice is shot to shit. My new steel solid back music stand muffled her out by 90%. She was playing at breakneck speed--waaaaay to fast. I will be doing a descant unison harmony--but this is the first time I've sung "AFter the Gold Rush" in such a low key so I have to completely think what Im going to improvise. Normally I sing alto harmony on this song---but not with Teri.

I had to rewrite 90% of Teri's verses to get them to scan right--thankfully she's generous and didn't get upset. About 4 lines are hers--the rest is mine, so I get the blame, ne?

THIS IS AS RAW AS IT GETS. This is an actual demo--this is how songs come to birth--from something that sounds as shitty as THIS:


By Linda Walsh and Teri Wachowiak

(ttto “After The Gold Rush” by Neil Young)

    G                                    C                        G

Well I dreamed I saw my soul in armor coming to this timeless place


where I wait

                    D                                   D                           C

With a promise made and a promise kept he had come now to this



    Em                                F                         C             F

Fingers of steel reached out for mine—I almost hesitate…

            G                               D

For a brother’s blood and a brother’s love

              F                      C

Had brought us to this fate

                G                                   D

For a brother’s blood and a brother’s love

          F                          C

Had brought us to this fate



Well I dreamed I heard a young boy crying-and I knew that voice  was




It was a cry of joy and yet a cry of anguish


For this tragedy of time


Caught in a dream—but not a dream


No pattern would align….


Flesh and spirit torn asunder once


Must somehow entertwine


Flesh and spirit torn asunder once


Must somehow entertwine



Yet I dreamed I saw the Gates of Wisdom parting


And a frail hand clasped my own


Tattered armor faded—flesh was animated


As my soul reclaimed its home


Promises kept-my debt was paid


The blood seal now undone


I shall keep my vigil faithfully till the day my brother comes


I shall keep my vigil faithfully till the day my brother comes



Through the Gate I heard my brother Edward crying


By the wreckage of my armored shell


To return me safely to the world again


He had sacrificed himself


Power was lost—but Wisdom gained


There’s a world we two must heal…..


Bearing in our hearts the wounded child and the soul within the steel


Bearing in our hearts the wounded child and the soul within the steel

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I've been working through my fear/anger/grief/helplessness over my brother's upcoming brain surgery by focusing on MUSIC. Three brand new comedy songs:
"Space Mountain"---I get vertigo and motion sickness sometimes...a  jolly song about the horrors of being dragged on a ride that is the equivalent of being flushed down a dark toilet (Music: "Sugar Mountain" by Neil Young)
"Hard Drive Took A Fall"--sure you can get a cheap laptop from some guy around the corner or the flea market...did you make SURE they wiped the hard drive before reselling it?? A Craigslist bargain laptop has some...ahem...interesting .jpgs--esepcailly the naked Taiwanese Midgets wearing only tube socks (music: "A Hard' Rain's Gonna Fall" by Bob Dylan)
"Bugs" Imagine Leslie Fish singing Rudyard Kipling's "Boots". Now imagine Elmer Fudd with an NRA card on the first day of hunting season...sung in Fudd-ese.
Completed song:
"Mundania Stinks"-- Emerald Rose meets the Warcraft slackers. 'Nuff said?
After nearly FIVE YEARS, my tribute to Alphonse, "The Soul Within The Steel" is DONE. The first two verses are by my singing partner Teri Wachowiak, the last two are mine. The music is by Neil Young--"After The Gold Rush".

We will sing our verses together for the first time tomorrow--let me give you an excerpt from my half of the song:

....Well I dreamed I saw the Gates of Wisdom parting

And a frail hand clasped my own

Tattered armor faded—flesh was animated

As my soul reclaimed its home....(verse 3)

....Through the Gate I heard my brother Edward crying

By the wreckage of my armored shell

To return me safely to the world again

He would sacrificed himself....(verse 4)

It has never taken me so @#$% long to finish a song...but Al is worth it, yes?

I've said it before. I'll say it again:

"I learned, again and again, the lesson of creativity: the painting I make today, the drawing I do today, the poem I do today, is meant to save my life today."
~ Judy Collins, Singing Lessons

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...and We Is On The Schedule Now!!!
Here WE ( our band Antithesis) IS on the Confluence 2010 Website!

And Here is our Concert Schedule so far:

Don't have a list of panels we'll be doing yet...but hey, we're ON IT NOW!!!
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The Guy from my office--the one with the huge cache of weapons and ammo? The one who fantasized about getting on the roof with a scope rifle and picking people off? The guy who pulled a knife on me because he thought I'd used his fork??

He got convicted. Finally.  He isn't doing time--he didn't make actual body contact with the kid but there was enough to convict him of exposing a minor to pornography.  He is now a Registered Sex Offender. His face was all over the papers. He was fired from his job and now....who knows? He had one hell of a black eye in the picture in the police blotter that was passed all over work today.

It would be better if they had put him away somewhere...but I suspect that will happen soon enough....

The wheels of justice turn really damn slow...but at least they keep turning, sometimes...
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When I heard that the final chapter of Brohood was going to be a two-parter..I decided I would go ahead and download 63 and watch it....and I don't regret it.

EPISODE 63... )
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Turns out it was an oversight---the ConCom has contacted me with the questionair on the panels we'll be willing to do (I'll probably be doing several Anime panels) and the number of gigs we're willing to do (3) and our bios and stuff. So...time to start rehearsing and packing!!
God...I am relieved...
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