Jul. 4th, 2010

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I've been working through my fear/anger/grief/helplessness over my brother's upcoming brain surgery by focusing on MUSIC. Three brand new comedy songs:
"Space Mountain"---I get vertigo and motion sickness sometimes...a  jolly song about the horrors of being dragged on a ride that is the equivalent of being flushed down a dark toilet (Music: "Sugar Mountain" by Neil Young)
"Hard Drive Took A Fall"--sure you can get a cheap laptop from some guy around the corner or the flea market...did you make SURE they wiped the hard drive before reselling it?? A Craigslist bargain laptop has some...ahem...interesting .jpgs--esepcailly the naked Taiwanese Midgets wearing only tube socks (music: "A Hard' Rain's Gonna Fall" by Bob Dylan)
"Bugs" Imagine Leslie Fish singing Rudyard Kipling's "Boots". Now imagine Elmer Fudd with an NRA card on the first day of hunting season...sung in Fudd-ese.
Completed song:
"Mundania Stinks"-- Emerald Rose meets the Warcraft slackers. 'Nuff said?
After nearly FIVE YEARS, my tribute to Alphonse, "The Soul Within The Steel" is DONE. The first two verses are by my singing partner Teri Wachowiak, the last two are mine. The music is by Neil Young--"After The Gold Rush".

We will sing our verses together for the first time tomorrow--let me give you an excerpt from my half of the song:

....Well I dreamed I saw the Gates of Wisdom parting

And a frail hand clasped my own

Tattered armor faded—flesh was animated

As my soul reclaimed its home....(verse 3)

....Through the Gate I heard my brother Edward crying

By the wreckage of my armored shell

To return me safely to the world again

He would sacrificed himself....(verse 4)

It has never taken me so @#$% long to finish a song...but Al is worth it, yes?

I've said it before. I'll say it again:

"I learned, again and again, the lesson of creativity: the painting I make today, the drawing I do today, the poem I do today, is meant to save my life today."
~ Judy Collins, Singing Lessons


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