May. 23rd, 2010

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Yesterday I called my pharmacy to see if my long battle to get Celebrex for my fibromyalgia had finally been resolved:
"Yes, Ma'am--we'll have it ready for you. It will be 60.00."
So...WITH the approval of the insurance company it will be 60.00 a month. Without, it's 100.00 a bottle Yikes. But this week I was in so much agony that I couldn't even stand the pressure of the recliner underneath the backs of my knees and I've lost sleep to pain. At AWA last year it was so bad I had to use a walker...and yeah, I actually DO own a wheelchair. So tell me--at that price, you'd fork over the cash in exchange for the chance  of relief, right?
Five years ago I had the name of a Canadian pharmacy--I didn't have insurance back then--and went through that whole song and dance of getting my Celebrex "imported". It was a lot cheaper but since I have to take double the normal dose--two caps a day instead of one--having insurance makes it cheaper since there is a limit to how much I can be charged for the drug. Next year I will have more added to my medical flex spending acct to cover this so it will be just taken out of my paycheck every month.
I swear I kissed that little white and yellow capsule before it went down and I'm about to take today's dose with the same reverence. And yes--I actually slept through the night last night! No tossing and turning and groaning in pain. I was pretty exhausted from not resting well, so it was one hell of a gift. I also plan to work overtime each month to help pay for the shit....but to have that horrible, debillitating pain easing up is worth anything!


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