Jun. 2nd, 2010

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Had a productive rehersal tonight although I smashed the living shit out of my right arm colliding on my blind side with a doorknob and couldn't play for shit.  "Oceanic Gets You LOST" was perfect and "Commando sounds good with my ABBA harmonies.

For the past two years I have worked with an idea of a serious song about Alphonse, "Soul Within The Steel" set to Neil Young's "After the Goldrush"--long story short after watching FMA and now watching "Brotherhood" Teri is taking my idea and running with it--she loves Alphonse as much as the rest of us and will do a wonderful job. I did show her the scene where he meets his body at the Gate and then turns away to go back to the fight.

Me? I'm getting very Steampunk-Silly with a new song that might be ready for the con: "Grandma Shot The Baron With Her Deathray" about a 12 stepping senior citizen who falls of the wagon in Mechanicsburg during Oktoberfest and ends up mixing Jagerbrau with Diet Coke., stealing a clank and waging war on Castle Wulfenbach...sorta. that's the best part of ConCarolinas....all the wonderful Steaminess! I was Steampunk before it had a name, back when we called it TechnoVictorian. My friend Joel is working on another Girl Genius song, "I Can Work With That" which I have have begged him to finish and let me sing...PLEASE!


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