Jun. 1st, 2010

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Will be in and out the next few days, preparing and rehearsing for ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC--got  five new songs to debut:"Rogaine" (ttto "Cocaine" by Eric Clapton), "COMMANDO!" (ttto "Fernando" by ABBA), "She's Cleaving Gnomes" (ttto "She's Leaving Home" by the Beatles--this is the Harry Potter filk), "Oceanic Gets You LOST/Dharma Chameleon" ("United Breaks Guitars"/"Karma Chameleon" by Dave Carroll and Culture Club respectively) and finally "Heart Of The Sunrise", my song about the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet ("The River" by Bruce Springsteen). I'm afraid "Every Worm Is Sacred" is too big a production, and "Mundania Stings" ("Urania Sings" by Emerald Rose) isn't finished yet.

So yes. Really busy....but happy as hell to make music!


Jun. 1st, 2010 10:36 pm
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Okay, [livejournal.com profile] ldesu ---here it is, written for a friend of mine in Starfleet Fandom:

Vocal riff:


Da-dah-da-dah  da-DAHHHH


Da-dah-da-dah  da-DAHHHH

(keep repeating)


When the top of your dome shines like chrome—ROGAINE!


‘Cause the hair on your head—it’s up and fled!—ROGAINE!


Gotta try-gotta try-gotta try---ROGAINE!


Your insurance don’t care that your head is bare—ROGAINE!

Gotta empty your stash, cough up lotsa cash—ROGAINE!

Gotta buy—gotta buy—gotta buy---ROGAINE!


Now you’re head’s spinnin’ round as you hit the ground—ROGAINE!

Pulse starts to twich—you can’t ignore that itch—ROGAINE!

When applied—when applied—when applied—ROGAINE!


Hands and feet start to swell—now you look like hell—ROGAINE!

You gained lots of weight-- to put --hair on your pate—ROGAINE!

Wonder why— Wonder why — Wonder why ?---ROGAINE!


Too much trouble and cash—tossed that junk in the trash—ROGAINE!

Soon the hair that you sprout comes-a tumbling out—ROGAINE!

How you cry—how you cry—how you cry---ROGAINE!


Now the top of your dome shines like chrome—ROGAINE!

Don’t you take it so hard—just look at—JEAN LUC PICARD—ROGAINE!

Sexy guy—women sigh—he don’t buy—ROGAINE!

Sexy guy—women sigh—HE don’t buy --ROGAINE!!!!!





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