Apr. 17th, 2010

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I think I mentioned that our elite business support team is about to be split into three department--that means schedules are changing....for years I worked a 'floating' schedule--which could change without warning at any time, never coming to work two days in a row on the same schedule. Finally I gained the seniority and rank to get an 8-4:30 schedule--that's about to change. I've been worried the past week because it looked like I was about to lose my weekends off, which affects my ability to go to cons and make music. I got a private msg from one of the supervisors that my sched with be m-f, and it will be either 7-3:30. or 9-6:30... or they might let me keep the old one. HUGE sigh of relief, since that means I don't have to change my con plans. Whew!
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So--a few weeks ago I had second degree burns on both hands, and a deep splinter in my right palm. Hey. You camp, this kind of thing happens. Best thing to do with a burn is let it heal naturally--leave the blisters alone, let them reabsorb and let the skin underneath heal . Once the blister-skin becomes flat and dry, slough it off and then you've got pinkish new skin and no pain.
Until you pick up your guitar, of course....
We are playing a private event on next Saturday. My calluses are gone from disuse and I have new skin on two fingers.  I drove 17 miles for a set of Elixir Polyweb Extra Light strings--$16.00--because they will sound warmer on my Seagull and I'll have to spend part of tomorrow restringing her. Jeanne-Marie, thankfully, isn't as bitchy as my old Ovation Izumi, who would never let me change her strings without a blood sacrifice.

I just ran thru The Beatles' "Dear Prudence" and "Norwegian Wood" and my scarred finger stings quite a bit and it sounded clumsy as hell. My voice also sounds pretty crappy due to all the antihistamines I've been swallowing.  But it's better than a sharp stick in the ear, as my roomie would say.

And next time I go camping, I'm springing for some @#$%ing leather work gloves!


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