Feb. 13th, 2010

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Only once in my entire life has this part of Georgia seen more snow. It fell for 10 hrs and last night it was stunning. One of my neighbors, whom his own mother calls a dog fighter and a gang banger, was out playing in the snow and building a beautiful snow man for his little brother to see when he woke up. I had gone out to the mailbox to put out a couple of Netflixes and when I saw him I called out, "It's a beautiful night for snowmen, isn't it?"
Well, it was as if the would-be gangsta had gone. He had become a little child again and we stood out under the midnight sky talking about how beautiful the world looked, and how much he loves the snow. That was an amazing moment--we were talking with our guards down and I was telling him what a wonderful gesture this was and how much fun his little brother would have when he woke up and saw what his brother had made for him.
This cheered me up quite a bit and I went inside to my roaring fire--Roomie's son was out with friends and she had turned in early with a bad cold. I filled up a tall glass with packed clean snow, poured a little REAL Coke over it and toasted the fact that the beauty of nature can move ALL of us--that its one of the few places where we can all meet each other with the wonder of a child...


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