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Ever written so damn much that your arms ache and cramp and your wrists are sore? Guilty!
Problem is, we're playing next Saturday and I've got three new songs to arrange--the Emerald Rose parody "Mundania Stinks" ("Urania Sings"),
the Neil Young parody "Space Mountain" (set to "Sugar Mountain"--it's about the horrors of being dragged onto certain types of theme-park rides),  "Hard Drive" (Bob Dylan's "Hard Rain's Gonna Fall") and final polishing on The Brothers Suite: "Hero With A Thousand Faces"(Edward) and "The Soul Within The Steel" (Alphonse).  "Hero" went over well at Confluence in Pittsburgh--I want to work out more intricate harmonies on that one.

But all the work on the "HALF LIVES" project---which started as a gift fic for [ profile] rueme for some artwork and has become a novella with over five thouand hits---edging up to six thousand now--on its host site---has had me pouring so much energy that I haven't been a good girl and picked up my guitar for days...and I'm too damned sore to practice today and there's a mob of people coming for a farewell party (roomie's daughter is moving with husband and kid to the midwest--better job pickin's) and a house to be cleaned and a feast to prepare and I still need to do laundry and scrub the tub and all that boring crap that must be done--oh, and bake two loaves of bread with my chrome Kitchen Aid bread machine that sounds suspiciously like a TARDIS cranking up....

So pass the anti-inflamatories and the Diet Coke, wouldja???
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