Sep. 3rd, 2010

No Word.

Sep. 3rd, 2010 09:21 pm
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He went in to the OR at 1:30. His wife was going to post to Facebook via Droid soon as the doctor came out to tell her the surgery was over. There's been no post and she didn't text through his phone either. I know the surgery was supposed to last about 4 hrs, then 2 hrs in recovery and in his room by around 7pm. Lee Ann should have posted hours ago. And he had it set up to send auto-text and I was on the auto-text list.
Getting concerned.....
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Just a moment ago the cell phone (which has been glued to me all day) buzzed with a text--Dale is out, awake and doing well---and here's the BEST PART--they decided to try to get in through the side of his head, going through the ear. That means he lost the inner ear and will not recover his hearing on that side--BUT they didn't have to drill big holes in his skull or take the front part of his face off--which is what we originally thought they'd have to do to get it since it was behind the eyesocket. They went in through the side and got the little bastard.
Furious as I am at his wife--and there are no words for that level of anger--hearing from him and knowing it went so well means the world to me!!!!!!!


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