Jun. 22nd, 2010

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Loved ones--
Okay, it's 8:05 est--and right now there is pressure on the left side of my head but the insane vertigo seems to have eased off for now. I had a bad bout around 11pm--again, flipped over in bed and then my bed started doing sommersaults. I kept my eyes shut, tried to relax and just hung in and waited for it to clear off. I also kept alternating warm and cold compresses to the left side of my head all night.

My supervisor told me to go ahead and call in today, which I did. I had a bowl of ochazuke  soup for breakfast--that's a Japanese comfort food of leftover rice, green tea, nori seaweed, and tiny savory cracker bits--salty and warm and strangely satisfying on an upset tummy--classic in Japan for hangovers.  Whenever I find it in an Asian market I tend to buy up handfuls of those little striped packets.--just ask dear [livejournal.com profile] teapriestess .

I am going to go very, very slowly today. I'll rest, take my medicine and warm baths every few hours to keep my muscles relaxed. If anything gets worse I will call Dr K IMMEDIATELY.
I've also told my boss that I will take these days as unpaid leave. Ouch. But I have very few days of sick leave per year and it they are done they must either be unpaid or I have to give up scheduled vacation days--that could affect my ability to go to AWA or Confluence.

So---I'm going to rest now Thank you all so very, very much for the energy.


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