Jun. 6th, 2010

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We got in LATE--just barely in time for the Bill and Brenda Sutton concert which was all kinds of awesome as usual, then headed up to the room to rest before the filking started--took nearly 20 min to negotiate the Hilton's frickin' wireless network before we dressed for  the evening. Teri and I went out in saris--mine was bronze and gold, hers was green and black and I was quite suprised by the compliments I got for my outfit. For the second time at a con, my guitar Jeanne Marie took a serious nose dive off her stand--have not fully assessed the damage yet.  We did "COMMANDO!" with full ABBA harmonies and "Thoughts of El Gato" , my Puss In Boots song with me hawking up hairballs and doing my best Antonio Banderas impersonation in English and very bad Spanish.

We turned in early and with my new double-high Coleman air mattress I actually slept well for once. Went to the Steampunk Costuming and Plus Size costuming workshops--the former was fantastic, the latter so lame I walked out. There's a fellow who is Big Man In Charge Of Really Quite A Lot ("I worked for the BBC, I'm a major costume designer, I'm an actor, I know Vic Mignogna....") and he spent the entilre panel bragging on himself....meh. Instead I went to the really-sparse dealers room and hit up my friends at Fashions by Figment and bought two Steampunk outfits--tailored reversable green brocade to black vest, black skirt and bustle and a victorian ladies walking suit with capelet, bustle, skirt belt and handbag--eight pieces for 125.00. Lovely stuff! I'm heading downstairs now for the Steampunk Fiction panel--back later!


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