May. 28th, 2010

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OD'ing on Overtime--every day this week and all day on Memorial for Cons, friends! Not like I can afford to buy swag other art prints and buttons, but with ConCarolina next week--and yes, I WILL get to go!--ConFluence in July in Pittsburgh and Anime Weekend Atlanta in September, need to save my shekels. Really farkin' exhausted but I have the house to myself this weekend since all my friends went off to see Emerald Rose on Thursday and won't be back until Sunday late.

Bad news is that the incision from my October intestinal surgery is bleeding and causing lots of pain. Not sure why but going very cautiously. I came home with blood on my clothes yesterday and I'm a little leery. Am following my post-surgical instructions and waiting and seeing. Pain is quite annoying right now.Plus, if something goes wrong--I still owe 600.00 to my surgeon...

I've been focusing a lot on Music, as you can imagine. I am experimenting with turning my guitar down a full step down and I am singing in a more comfortable range. Last night, very late, I couldn't sleep so I began noodling around and playing "Time Enough", the Lazarus Long song that has become one of my signature songs (along with "King of Dreams") Normally I play it in D major....last night I switched it to A maj and the song's dynamic completely changed--darker...more bittersweet....and amazingly right for the lyrics. One of those "wow...did those notes come from ME??" moments. I've done two versions and three different arrangements of this song and each time I think I get closer to its heart....


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