May. 2nd, 2010

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I am SO glad I wasn't there to see this .
I don't know...this is the sort of thing that makes me run like fuck to the woods--without robes, without jewelry, without tools--nothing other than my camping clothing, maybe a bundle of sage and something to offer the earth...and fine stillness and the mother's heartbeat.

"Pagans in the Club! Celebrate Beltane with ********* Pagan Pride, featuring DJ Vreboot, DJ Bam, and Eastern Star Dance Theatre. Dress in your Renaissance/Goth/Fairy finery, and crown the May King, Queen and Jester! Midnight ritual, raffle for cool stuff, and lots of surprises, and admission is only $5.00. All 21 and over are welcome. This is a fundraiser for ******** Pagan Pride. Pagan Pride is an international organization dedicated to religious education and awareness. We are delighted to present **************'s second Pagan Pride Day on Saturday, October 2, featuring special guest Selena Fox.

Because of the liquor licence that this venue hold everyone must present ID and be over 21.

Dress Code: Ritual Wear, Pagan Formal, Goth, Steam Punk, Jeans & T-Shirt, All clothing accepted. Dress to impress!"

I re-watched "Avatar" for the third time today--yeah, I own it--and I thought of Natyri slapping the crap out of Jake and telling him, "Be quiet! You noisy like a baby!" Can't feel the pulse of the Mother with all that racket going on.....I can't find Mother with all the drama and pomp and whatnot. Others can. Good for them. But this is why I walked away again and returned to the Solitary path. It breaks my heart--but it's the way of things. Not for me to tell others how to worship or what is right or wrong. But for me---this only makes me sad. Really, really damned sad. Especially since there was no private religious ceremony.


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