Apr. 25th, 2010

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We have made music nearly all day....and hammered out the first draft set list for the Pittsburgh concert in July. It's really well balanced, giving each of us a chance to shine as a duo and as soloists. My main solo will be "King Of Dreams"--and for the first time in my life the word "Pegasus" and my name have been linked in the same sentence. Could the lyric be Pegasus quality? And can I rearrange it and pull it off as a properly showcased performance? I don't like the way I've done it before--it's too damned fast. I want it to be closer to Seeger's original tempo and let the blues side of my voice come out.

Singing today...it was really hard...after emergency respiratory therapy and two serious asthma attacks in less than 24 hrs--I had been given Jet/neb/O2 and albuterol and shot full of prednisone (I'm having such body pain from that my joints are burning)--I didn't think I could sing at all. Took a couple of cups of coffee and warm drinks to get things soothed enough to hit a note dead on....but in the end it sounded great.

What's surprising me is this: my ear for harmony. What I'm singing with Teri is becoming so complex--counter-melodies, strange, weaving minors and sharps...it's like an intricate dance of voices....I've sung with her for three years and now I'm really beginning to see that we are finding the point where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  We sang two Tolkien songs: "Arwen's Gift" and "Hands of the King" and what came out made my hair stand up on the back of my neck..."Hands of the King" was one of those moments when the singers became the song and everybody was holding their collective breaths when it was done.

Yes, the set will have plenty of comedy...but there will be moments like "Hands of the King" that will let the audience understand what we've long since figured out: It's not about you. It sure as shit isn't about me. It's about the MUSIC. What it does, how it heals thru humor, through pathos...thru unity.

I think I also grasped that some people sing when they pray....but when I'm harmonizing...I'm praying as I sing...and I think the Goddess planned it that way. Clever, isn't She?
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Long Story Short: [livejournal.com profile] night_childe25 has a family member who has been severely burned--may have even inhaled live flame. His name is David Little and he was caught  in a propane tank explosion in a welding accident. He has a wife and two small children and family and friends that love him. Any prayers, energy, good thoughts, etc you can spare would be a big comfort. ::HUGS TO ALL and prayers flying::


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