Apr. 22nd, 2010

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Thank the goddess I don't have asthma like my mom or brother--but it does Rear Its Ugly Head on occasion....like the past 24 hrs.
My boss left early because of asthma. I was fine until right around 4:15 and WHAMMO!!  The air gets sucked right out of my lungs. Now this has happened enough that I know to Stay Calm. Freaking only makes it worse. And it's important for the people **around** me to stay unfreaked.
Bottom line--it's bad, it hurts, but like with my blood sugar issues, I know what to do and how to help myself. (actually, I'll take an asthma attack over a sugar crash any day...). I may be uncomfortable but rarely have I been in danger.
Here's the drill. When an attack hits---STAY CALM. Relax. Breathe s-l-o-w-l-y. Take a puff of albuterol.  Sip something hot--even hot water is good. Don't  hyperventillate and don't move. Wait 5 min. Take a second puff. Wait ten minutes...if in 20 min you are not 75% over it---go to the doctor. If you are still having accute spasms and can't catch your breath, get your ass to the ER. Usually, after the second puff you start coughing up fluid and the actual spasms ease---the wheezing will gradually subside.
I had one yesterday and then a little after 9 I had a second one. The boss called my doctor and as soon as I was 50% better I headed to Dr. K who gave me injections of steroids and a Jet-Nebulizer/Oxygen treatment. I have to take prednisone for a week and have a stronger inhaler---and the doctor suggested the Ops mgr check to see if the air filters need cleaning.

So...I'm home for the rest of the day, trembling like crazy from the speed in the meds--trust, me, I am the *last* person on earth who would voluntarily take speed...I loathe being all shaky and jittery. But my breathing is greatly improved.
Sure scared the crap out of a bunch of people who've never seen asthma before, tho'. At one point I had to tell one dude to chill out and then joked to my boss, "I'm more worried about coughing and wetting my pants!"

O'course....all the damned Prednisone sure makes me hungry........wonder if there's any ramen in the house????
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Every tried to make it at home? Here's how to do it--
The taiyaki pans are about $8 in asian stores/markets but a bit more online. I got mine at Super H Mart in Atlanta.
She's using Bisquick shake-n-pour--I use waffle mix--Belgian if I can get it--and it works better with a slightly thinner batter--hers is too thick.
She's also glopping in waaay too much filling--I like the cheese idea, tho'. A little less filling works best.
Gas stoves work best of all--I have a ceramic cook top and that does not lend itself to good Taiyaki---so I use either the gas burner on the grill or a little single-burner that I keep with my camping gear. I am interested in trying it ON the grill itself, although the handles could melt if you aren't careful...

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Took me three damn YEARS to write this song....Apologies to Monty Python and Dedicated with love to the memory of Frank Herbert


By Aunty Binary 2010

(TTTO “Every Sperm is Sacred” from “Monty Python And The Meaning Of Life”)


There’s the Harkonnen Hoard—there are Guildsmen—

There’s the Bene Gesserit and then—

The twisted Mentats of Tleilax—BUT—

I’ve never been one of them!

I’m a Native Fremen

I’m born and bred in old Sietch Tabir

And the one thing they say about Fremen is

They don’t understand the word ‘fear’

It’s tough being born on Arrakis

Where God trains the faithful and true

And the one indisputable fact is,

You’re addicted when your eyes turn blue…



Every Worm is Sacred

Every Worm is Great

If you raid their spice sands

Worms get quite irate



Mu’adib’s jihadists

Led by Fedaykin

Fight to serve their Madhi

Lord of Arakeen


Every Worm is worshipped

Every Worm is grand

Blessed is the Maker

In this realm of sand


We shall hunt Harkonens

Shaddam’s got hiding here

So Let’s distill their water

We’re running out of BEER!

Every Worm is Sacred

Every Worm is grand

Blessed is the Maker

In this realm of sand


Later  will come the orgies

Partyin’ in the sietch

Grope the Sayadina

Everyone in reach!

Pieter DeVries should warn

The Baron to run real far

Lest he meets Paul’s sister

And her Gom Jabbar!


Let the gospel writ by Irulan be sung!

(Anyone objecting had better hold his tongue!)


Every Worm is Sacred

Tasting the Spice is bliss

Ration it to punish

Boy, the Guild gets pissed!

Grovel before the Mahdi

Serve him in word and deed

Emperor triumphant

Praise to Muhadib!





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