Apr. 18th, 2010

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Good think I love that @#$%ing mutt....
I had a cookout last night to celebrate the New Doctor Who--sausage dogs, burgers and some gorgeous herb crusted chicken for my lunches this week. The whole time The Mutt was vulturing me, mentally ordering me to drop the food. I did give him about half a burger but then laughed in his face and told him forget it, his black magic was not going to get me to drop the food.
The chicken breasts were huge--and I was worried they might not be cooked through, so I put them on a plate, stuck them in the microwave and was going to check them in about 10 min and bake them in the oven if need be.

I remembered at 8am this morning.

The MUTT is currently bloated and happy with herb-crusted chicken on his breath. I will be eating Lean Cuisine and cursing his unholy powers.
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It's Drive-In season again--and we have this wonderful old retro drive-in about an hour away in the middle of an old field. Two Screens--two double features every weekend for just 7.00 per person. It's nothing fancy--a guy with a carpenter's apron collects your cash at the gate, making change from a cigar box. A rickety shack with two toilets and a snack bar. A playground....and a huge crowd of people in lawn chairs having fun.

I wanna go see Iron Man 2 for my birthday in a few weeks--let's see if I can talk my friends into it.
Meanwhile--here's a commercial for PIC --the smell of Southern Incense. This commercial was ancient when I was a kid but I remember seeing it at the old Fox Drive-In.
(this is for [livejournal.com profile] sexkitten426  who made me think of this--and smile)

And a great, fun 50's intermission film with the Dancing Ice Cream!


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