Apr. 7th, 2010

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A week in hell at work. Last Wed,, the SMTP mail server dies. Thurs thru Saturday--fiber optic network tanks. This monday and tuesday--SMTP server diees again with TWO MILLION EMAILS stacked up and trying to process out. Today...mail going out sloooowly...people panic and keep resending and resending until we have a HALF MILLION msgs clogging up the outgoing server.

Sheesh. My incision scar begins to hurt from my intestinal surgery from October--you know, the scar that comes down through the colon and right....outside. No hemorrage--just really painful, like all the people hourly telling me to get fucked are using Voodoo and somebody's shoving a big sharp pin right up the Techie Doll's ass. Owwwie.

Then...I come home. First, there's a stunning card from my sweet sister teapriestess that is too beautiful not to frame...no occasion, just loving thoughts...

And then...ROOMIE MAKES FRENCH TOAST!!!! The really damn good kind from thick egg bread, with real vanilla and vanilla bean flecks and Saigon cinnamon...and MAPLE SAUSAGES....and fresh ORANGE JUICE. And real damn maple syrup from her native Maine. Every bite is purest nirvana. Follow that with a cuddle from my kitty and a candle-lit bath...and my venomous mood has improved drastically.  That and another bite off the butt of my Dove chocolate Easter bunny.

Life is good. Believe it--even when it sucks.....
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These were aired in Australia in the Eighties--this was before the end of Tom and Lalla's 16 month marriage. I suspect the got pulled after the nasty divorce...Enjoy!


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