Mar. 20th, 2010

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...when you have a 1 gig hard drive with 356k of RAM...and it used to be state of the art. I tried to run Ubuntu on it to lighten the load---FUCK THAT! can't handle it. Maybe Koppix...?
Will start a fund of 50-75.00 every paycheck until I have enough to buy a recertified lappie from Tigerdirect or Newegg. Also my friend the network tech told me that the guys at the flea market are from Army Signal Corps IT and that I might be able to find something decent--I'll stop by tomorrow. Luckily I sold about 70.00 worth of bandwidth upgrades this week so I will add that to the kitty.

My friend Debbie made a stupendous low fat South Beach Goulash-Potroast--made with low fat sour cream, smoked paprika and winter veggies slow roasted in the crock pot and baked cabbage and sugar snap peas as a treat because I adore them.  It was seriously nom-worthy--next time a bit more paprika, a shot of red pepper to kick it up a fraction.

I am playing with my newest program, "DVDFlick"....ohhhh....getting those pesky .avi files converted, burned and OFF MY HARD DRIVE!!
Speaking of discs, bought "The Princess And The Frog" on sale at Target--being half-Cajun with fond childhood memories of New Orleans I loved it--but the music just wasn't what it SHOULD have been. It wasn't quite good enough other than "Down in New Orleans" and "Ma Belle Evangeline". I dearly loved Mama Odie, the old voodoo priestess and yes, damn it, I got teary-eye'd when Ray-Ray got stomped. Fun part is watching it and saying 'yep, been there!" and craving those damned Beignets!

I get some vacation time off next week--a 4 day weekend and Jury Duty on Monday. This weekend Teri and I begin working on our set list for Confluence--not as easy as it sounds. We have to have our 'bible' of songs ready to go and rehearse into a 1 hour show. Fortunately there is nothing I'd rather do than make music with Teri--it's pure joy, and dear goddess she is so incredibly talented.

BTW--do you realize we've been watching FMAB for nearly a year? There will be 63 eps--this week is Ep. 49 and we're on vol. 22/Ch 88-time flies, non? 14 more episodes.Is that first week of July? CAn't imagine manga lasting 4 more chapters....we'll see.
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When you think "Tax Refund" and feel guilty about keeping about five bucks so you can maybe get a cheeseburger--and the rest is pre-earmarked for BILLS.

I spent a very unpleasant afternoon writing checks. After rent--I rent from my friend so I pay half of my rent twice a month--I spent virtually my ENTIRE PAYCHECK on medical bills, perscriptions and paying towards balances on cards long since cut up. I did completely pay off one anesthesiologist and the pathologist who unbeknownst to me checked me for intestinal cancer when they apparently biopsied me during surgery last October.

Yeppers---no laptop, even if I start a kitty. I need a kitty to pay some travel expenses for Confluence and AWA. Damn it--I can't work any harder or live much closer to the bone. I had unplanned vet bills for Meep and unplanned medical bills for me...and not a lot of sales commissions.

What makes me really goddamned furious is that I work with and know people who are single and claiming brothers or sisters or friend's kids as dependents and getting huge refunds--and getting away with it. I sometimes get 400.00 or so--they are getting a couple of GRAND. And they don't get caught, justice, eh?


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