Feb. 22nd, 2010

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Some of my friends have gotten a lot of shit lately in RL and Internet Life as well--here's what to do:

Stand up on your chair
Put our fist in the air
Stick out your middle finger--and sing along with Jimmy...
(and yes--I DO sing this song...I play it and trust me, when I'm pissed off I sing it with exceptional emphasis and gusto...)

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I have had it with cheap mp3 players.
NONE of them have ever lasted longer than six months. Even my beloved 4g Magnavox has crapped out on me. After talking with my darling sister [livejournal.com profile] teapriestess  I decided that I would finally break down and buy a damn Pod--but it had to be cheap and recertified and had to have as much memory as my Magnavox.
Well...I hit it lucky. I went directly to Apple's website and scored a 16 gig 4th Gen Nano for 119.00 with free shipping. The color choices were very limited--I really wanted red but they had orange and that would be easier to spot in my bag than black, so orange it is and Pumpkin it shall be christened. I am downloading the iTunes software right now and I did spring for the wall recharger since I travel a lot.
Since I bought it straight from Apple it comes with waranty and brand new case and battery. And it was half of what a recertified 16 gig would be on NewEgg or Tiger Direct. This was one hell of a steal--so I can put up with the color for damn sure!


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