Feb. 21st, 2010

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I'm really tired--and it was a hell of a task to get any voice at all--but they DID record it--so when I get the files I'll share them here. I premiered three new songs--NONE of which had any rehearsal with Teri and we still pulled them off:
"Commando"--nobody saw this one coming and it went over really well.
"She's Cleaving Gnomes"--I was surprised at the laughs this one got--I guess the combination of the string quartet, and the image of Molly Weasley with a chain saw going berserk kinda got 'em tickled...
"Before We Wake..." I FINALLY got to do the sequel to "King of Dreams"--my voice was exhausted but I so wanted to finally this Neil Gaiman tribute to Daniel and Destruction meeting in the Dreaming...I am really damned proud of this one.
Also recorded:
"Thoughts of El Gato"--my take on Puss in Boots, complete with hairball spitting mid chorus
"Mr Magoo"--Bob Rivers wrote this --my voice is not up to Joplin standards on this but the words are still funny
"Skies of Benden"--Teri took my song, rearranged it and I so love doing the harmonies and counterpoint melody
"Dear Patience"--had no music, no lyrics, a serious train wreck and me with accute Frank Hayes disease--but still fun...
Anyway, we are firning plans to play in Pittsburg in July....just need to get the time off from work to make it happen...
Now--I'm gonna have lunch, soak in the tub and go to bed!


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