Feb. 18th, 2010

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Well...all the positive mojo and love and good thoughts certainly helped (along with the double dose of antibiotics, cortisone shot, Nasonex, and Allegra, sleep and chicken soup)--I am feeling significantly better this morning. Most important of all, it doesn't appear to have crawled into my lungs. Pneumonia is what we've been worried most about and the game plan was to hit this hard and agressively and protect my lungs at all costs.

I've been resting, watching the Season 2 box set of Kyo Kara Maou!, drinking lots of water and cuddling my kitties.  I did get an unpleasant surprise around 4am--a dull ache began on my right side low in my groin. I thought it was indigestion, but it woke me around 7am (I had a scheduled day off today). By 8am, the pain became sharpish and came in fast, regular waves, rather like labor pains must be. Yep...you guessed correctly. it is a gorram KIDNEY STONE.

The GOOD part is that it is apparently very small and it is moving fast--by 9am it dropped into my bladder--I actually felt it shift and move through the little valve.  It was hurting like a muthaflicka about ten minutes ago and then stopped--so it's moved into position and should pass shortly so it's time to start knocking back the water and see if I can encourage the lil' bugger. This is a lot better than some of the other lentil and pea-sized devils that can make you wish for swift death.

So....back to bed!
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I just passed the stone. It's the size of a lentil--and it has POINTED EDGES.
Jagged. LOTS of them. I would have hated to step on it in my bare feet, let alone passed it through my bladder.
Whew....glad I was off today!


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