Feb. 17th, 2010

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Well....that's what I call it, anyhow. My co-workers have been falling down like dominos lately--strep throat, pneumonia, bronchitis, flu, Dutch Elm blight--you name it. My roomie caught it last week...and now it's my turn.
My particular variety includes badly infected sinuses and ears, bronchitis,  body aches, fever, nausea and the worst sinus headache I've ever known--hell, even my eyelashes hurt. Which sucks--I'm supposed to go make music this weekened, but it will depend on how I feel on Saturday morning.

My sweet Egyptian doctor, Dr. K, shot me up with cortisone and perscribed some very expensive meds to try and protect me from the dreaded pneumonia that I absolutely can't afford to have anytime soon. The Nasonex alone would have been 100.00 without my insurance. I came home, ate some chicken soup and popped a Percocet left over from my surgery in November--it has BARELY blunted the pain in my head. I intend to put a warm compress on my forehead, crawl in bed and drink a lot of water....and woe betide anybody that tries to wake me.
Dr. K. thinks we are catching it early, so I'll be good and rest--I dont' know if I'll feel up to singing on Saturday. "You could do it--if you don't mind singing bass," quipped Dr. K....
((btw--a Get Well Soon to [livejournal.com profile] ebenbrooks  who has got the 'somebody-blowtorched-my-throat!" version of the Plague--it stomped on him as suddenly as this stomped on me. ::raises a glass of Emergen-C towards the West Coast:: ))


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